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Candidates for senior positions, Bankers, Financial markets, Financial institutions, Investment companies, Brokerage firms, Portfolio management companies, Venture capital companies, Mutual funds, Trust companies, Financial analysts, Research analysts, Feasibility study specialists, Accountants, Auditors, other related departments in institutional investor companies, and Multinationals


 Acquaint participants with the basics of financial analysis and operations-
Acquire skills in the field of project evaluation and analysis-
Comprehend the nature of value and value drivers-
Enable participants making a comprehensive analysis to almost all types of business firms, and assess financial risks, profitability, viability, and increasing value to shareholders-
Provide participants with the most up-to-date information regarding project analysis and evaluation-
Deepen the concept of securities analysis and valuation-
Get acquainted to the state-of the-art tools and financial models pertaining to decision making-
Understand markets and instruments-
Understand the mathematics of financial analysis-
Comprehend the meaning and function of financial modeling-
Get acquainted with hedging techniques, and streamlining-


:Main Contents

 Introduction to Off-Balance Sheet Financing-
The culture of off balance sheet operations-
The concept of derivative financial products-
The business financial analyst-
The influence of derivatives on markets & trade-
Understanding the Mathematics of Financial Analysis-
Mathematical analysis & prediction theory-
Demystifying the practice of modeling-
Visualising structures and functions through graphics-
Scalars, vectors, matrices-

 Mathematics of Financial Markets Evaluation-
Financial ratios-
Pricing stocks-
 Pricing corporate bonds-
 Analysing yield-
 Yield – to – maturity & rule – of – thumb-
Institutional Features & Securities Evaluation-
Asset valuation-
 Common stock valuation-
 Preferred stock valuation-
Bond pricing-
Cash Flow Analysis & Corporate Value-
Cash flow projection-
Value drivers-
Corporate value & stock valuatio-
Hedging and The New Measures-
Strategies for hedging-
Delta as an important analytical tool & hedging instrumen-
Gamma, theta, kappa, and RHO-
Capitalizing on the many aspects of volatility-
 Use of Computer in Project Appraisal and Optimal Capital Financing-
 Computer based, case study-
(Discounted cash flow method (DCF-
(Net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR-
Payback period and sensitivity analysis-
Financial statements and cash – flow-
Replacement cost –
(Price earning ratio (P/E –
(Dividend discount method (Composite measures of performance (Du pont system-